Meaning Maker Studio

Alameda County Office of Education's makerspace and innovation hub

The Meaning Maker Studio is an innovation space that connects the world of design, making and engineering with the instructional needs of Alameda County's teachers and learners.

We believe that learning is at its most effective when we are unleashing creativity and curiosity, when we are building and designing our own meanings, when we have ownership of the experience.

We also recognize the need for standards-alignment and meaningful core content integration that educators must ensure when designing learning experiences. Our mission is to make standards-based instruction more relevant and impactful through a constructionist approach to learning.

Learning experiences and design workshops for students.

Professional development, meet-ups, equipment use, and innovation space

Free material lending library for Alameda County schools.

Featured resources

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Come experiment with new additions to the makerspace. Please note, these are not available as class sets, but can be checked out for trial period.

The Microbit: A controller with built in Bluetooth, sensors and LED matrix display. We have several units ready to go.

Roboloco: A robotic kit formerly known as Roboterra. Robot comes with a brain, sensors, servos and software to program using JavaScript. Reach out to us to take it for a test drive with your students.