Arduino Kits

Class set of Arduino UNOs or Sunfounder UNOs
Sunfounder Arduino Super Kits including:
  • Jumper wires, breadboard, USB cable
  • DC Motors, buzzers, LEDs, accelerometer
  • Timer chips, resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors
  • LCD displays, Dot-matrix displays, rotary encoder
  • Activity book
Kuman 37 Sensor Kits
Possible add-ons:
  • 9g Servos
  • Grove Shield/Kit for Arduino
  • HC05 Bluetooth module

Arduinos are microcontrollers used for all kinds of electronics prototyping projects. They can be expanded with other shields and modules and are a great way to learn computer programming. Arduinos come in many flavors and sizes, but at the MMS he have the popular Arduino Uno, as well as a few Arduino Yuns, which have wifi capabilities and can run an operating system. 

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